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Skills and Competencies

Research Methods

I have been developing quantitative research skills applied in behavioural studies. 

Critical and analytical thinking associated with a robust methodological approach may represent my research skills. I had the opportunity to refine these skills by studying and working in research.  First at the University of Lausanne, then at the UN Institute of Training and Research and currently at ESADE Business School.

Methodologically speaking I am specialized in

  • Experimental methods
  • Longitudinal analysis
  • General Additive Model


I had the priviledge to develop my communication skills working in international organizations.

  • Create effective communication strategies
  • Coordinate external and internal communications flow (memos, newsletters etc.)
  • Plan events, seminars and press conferences
  • Manage media inquiries and arrange interviews, statements etc.
  • Build long-term relationships with influencers and key stakeholders


Writing is not only a skill, but also a passion. I have been writing in the last years for news magazines, personal blogs and also in my professional career. I developed journalistic, reporting and project proposal writing skills .

Moreover, I work in academia, so I am used to write analytically with a scientific vocabulary.

The skill I appreciate the most in my writing is the ability to capture my audience interest and thone. 

Ok, this is my guilty pleasure. I love producing videos: developing a concept, writing a script, production and post-production. I hope you will enjoy my creatures.

Check a sample of videos I produced, click here!

Marketing and communication are incomplete areas if it is not considered the most practical aspect of them: producing visuals, printed or digital. 

Given my passion for marketing and art, I nurtured my skills and competences in graphic design. It is not just a leisure, but also a profession for me.

Check a sample of artworks I produced, click here

Laptop Social Media

Social Media, Google ads/analytics, Webmaster

Nowdays digital technologies are a central component of communication and marketing. It is not enough to acknowledge and understand them, but it is important to work with them.

I have been working and producing digital content for several purposes. During my working experiences, I was managing the agencies website as well as the social media accounts. I was advertising online the services the organizations were offering. I am confident in producing Google Ad campaigns and monitor performance through Google Analytics. 

And, well, this website can signal it, I can produce websites for different purposes.