Those of which I am most proud of

Emotional Dynamics

Research Agenda for PhD at ESADE with Prof. Jordi Quoidbach

Pop psychology claims that how we say things matters more than what we say. But there is surprisingly little evidence to support this widely accepted notion.

Using a large corpus of negotiation videos and modern machine learning tools, we want to explore how a person’s ability to dynamically adjust her emotional expression, pitch, and language style to their counterpart may positively influence relationships, coordination, and negotiation outcomes.  

A.I. Analysis of Negotiations

Personalized report production

Prof. Jordi Quoidbach and I produced a tailored reports for MBAs students about nonverbal aspects of students’ negotiation style.

Specifically, our Artificial Intelligence technology ― still very much in beta! ― captured facial expression as negotiations unfolded to quantify the amount of emotion students expressed at the bargaining table. We also analyzed how much students talked, listened, and dynamically adapted negotiation style to counterparts’ nonverbal reactions.

Emotional Syncrony in Negotiation

Academic research project at ESADE with Prof. Jordi Quoidbach

In this project, we aim to explore how the interplay between emotions of two or more negotiators relates to negotiation outcomes. Based on recent research showing that emotional synchrony strengthen the social connection (Cheong et al., 2020), we predict that the amount of emotional synchrony—that is the number of times two negotiators display a similar emotion at the same moment—will be related to more integrative solutions and larger joint gains (win-win).

VR Food European Project

Project management and communication leader

I  contributed to the project management and communication activity of this EU funded project. I coordinated promotional events and liaised with press.

The VR Future Kitchen project is a series of infotaining VR videos published on Food Unfolded. FoodUnfolded is a global, digital platform that creates and shares original content on the latest food and agricultural innovations. It aims to connect the general public through entertainment and education on the most relevant topics of today, including health, nutrition and sustainability.

For more information click here.

Funded Proposal by EU

Writing proposal about Food Waste

I was the activity leader in coordinating and contributing writing the proposal of an awareness campaign project to EIT Food (EU Horizon 2020) in 2019. The project got funded.

The aim of the campaign was to change younger people’s mindset and attitude regarding food waste in order to encourage them to engage in responsible food handling by making them realise their own role in today’s food waste. 

The consortium was composed by EUFIC (leading partner), University of Reading, KU Leuven and Technische Universität München

UN & Microsoft Event

"Current Internet Governance Challenges: What’s next?"

I  contributed to the event management and promotion of the tenth edition of the Geneva Lecture Series “Current Internet Governance Challenges: What’s next?” with a keynote speech from Mr. Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer of Microsoft.

Full video of the conference here.

IdeaSquare Project at CERN

Research about Innovation

I collaborated in analyzing CERN R&D activities with my colleague Giacomo to develop further MSc-student programs such as CBI (Challenge Based Innovation). I have been exploring new innovation mechanisms and processes in the IdeaSquare environment, connected to new technologies inspired by CERN. The outcome was the Masters-thesis entitled “The Effect of Ways of Dealing with Disciplinary Diversity in R&D Teams on Innovation – The Case of Ideasquare (CERN) R&D Partnerships”.

Promotion of Master's Degrees

On peace and conflict resolutions

I was coordinating the communication team to promote the Master’s Degree Programmes. I have managed the official Programme website ( and the social media accounts. I have been running Google Ad campaigns, Facebook campaigns and using Google analytics to target potential students. In addition, I was creating marketing and communication content as well as visuals to promote the services of the organization and increase its visibility. I produced several videos for promotional purposes. Finally, more broadly, I oversaw all the external communication assuring consistency, clarity and effectiveness of the different marketing activities.

Virtual Reality Experience

Project: the role of media in conflict resolution

UNITAR participated to the Geneva Peace Week 2017 with a “reversed-cinema” event, multi-media reports, films and articles displayed at the Palais des Nations as a multi-sensorial experience on how media impacted the public sensitivity on conflict and humanitarian action.

I worked in the organization of the event and the promotion of it. We worked closely with World VR Forum.


Aspire to Inspire

I collaborated with the organizing team. It was an outstanding experience and experiment for my hometown, Ancona. I worked with insiprational people and allowed me to have a closer look at the dynamic and innovative emerging realities of my territory.

La paura è la nostra migliore amica | Gaspare Silveri | TEDxAncona