My Videos

Virtual Reality video on Iceland Tomato Farm

The video main intent is to inform and educate. We chose to use a 360 effect so that people feel inside the farm.

Aim: educate and inspire.

Teaser video for the lunch of an
Online Course

The video main intent was to be social media friendly. For this reason the choice of text over video. In fact it can be seen without turning on the volume.

Aim: increase registration for the online course.

Presentation video for the Master's Degree in Conflictology

The video was design to be displaced in the presentation website page of the Master’s Degree.

Aim: trigger curiosity, communicate a sense of professionality and identify the main selling points.

Executive Programme - University of Geneva

The University of Geneva in partnership with UNITAR launched a Master of Advanced Studies in European and International Governance. This video was produced to showcase the stories of participant in the year 2017. I supported the creation of the script and the video shots.

Aim: promote the program.

Crowdfunding Video

UNITAR in 2018 lunched a crowdfunding campaign. This video was developed in order to touch some emotional chords that the humanitarian project entails.

Aim: explain the project and promote fundraising.

Nespresso - My green contribution

Nespresso in 2015 launched the Nespresso challenge. With a group of classmates, we participated to the contest with this video. I was very proud on how we managed to create a unique product with very limited resources.

Aim: create a promotional video for Nespresso CSR.